Character Creation for Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms allows players to fully customize their hero. In creating your character, you will be given the opportunity to choose your character's appearance, background, race, skills, fighting styles, alignment, and many more. This page covers information regarding character creation.


Alaloth Character Creation


Players will be able to select which kingdom their character would be in. Choosing your kingdom will influence certain aspects of the game such as the charactrer's physical appearance and access to skills, legacy houses, and more. There are four kingdoms that can be selected and each kingdom corresponds to a specific race.

Kingdom of Edherest

Race: Humans

They are the most common race in the world and rulers of the Blessed Kingdom of Edherest. The northern area of Edherest. The northern area of Edherest is populated by people of the north. The bay area is the commercial heart of the kingdom with its ports and trade routes led by The Merchants' Guild in Goldport.

Republic of Larastir

Race: Elves

Though basically similar to mortal men, elves have several important differences. The Republic of Larastir is their home. They are mortals but live longer than any other race in the world, without aging or growing old. Their arrogance is equal to their combat skills only.


Race: Dwarves

They live on the mountains but villages and communities even exist in other areas. Dwarves are fully integrated with other races and they are fierce warriors, superior craftsmen, miners, and beer lovers. They can live for more than 300 years.

Desolation of Baga

Race: Orcs

The people of Baga live in the cities built around military laws that can regulate the conduct of active clans. These orcas are called Citizens by the savages, still moving as nomads in the desert. Everything is about honor and duty for both of them.



Racial Skills

Upon choosing the kingdom or race, players will be able to select a skill that corresponds to their race. Each race will have a number of skills that can be unlocked as well, later on as the game progresses.

Starting Human Skills

  • Natural Advantage
  • Region Knowledge
  • Combat Perk
  • Natural Resistance
  • Last Stand
  • Natural Advantage

Starting Elf Skills

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

Starting Dwarf Skills

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

Starting Orc Skills

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??



Fighting Styles

There are three fighting styles that players can select in the game. The style that a player chooses will influence their character's capability and skill in combat. as well as the player's own personal playstyle., Choose wisely.

Sword and Shield

This is a very useful combination that was used for centuries, combining the power of the weapon with the defensive ability of the shield. You can use any weapon that you can easily wield with one hand. With that added defense, you no longer have to dodge or parry from an attack, you can simply block it and counter-attack.

Dual Wielding

Dual wielding refers to using one-handed weapons in both hands. It is intended to be an option halfway between the damage output of two-handed weapons and the defensiveness of a shield and weapon combo.

Heavy Weapons

Large weapons include two-handed swords, battle axes, war hammers, massive clubs, and polearms. They are heavy and bulky, and if used improperly, can be quite dangerous to both the enemy and wielder itself. Because they have a good range and heft, they are deadly weapons. However, due to their weight and bulk, they are often slow and tiresome to wield.




Legacy is related to the kingdom/race that the player has chosen, which means selecting your character's legacy influences the background or history, as well as the clan the player will be representing. This will influence various aspects of the game such as dialogue options towards other houses, as well as companions or allies. There are over 40 houses/legacy that a player can choose for each kingdom.

Human Legacy

  • Sedlak
  • Bardolph
  • Wilenkel
  • Clarimond

Elf Legacy

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

Dwarf Legacy

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

Orc Legacy

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??



Character Alignment

Character Alignment influences the character's behavior and beliefs in the game which can change various aspects of the game such as dialogue and other actions. There are three kinds of alignment that players can choose from.


A good alignment implies altruism, respect for life, and concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others.


People who are neutral with respect to good and evil. Have compunctions against killing the innocent but lack the commitment to make sacrifices to protect or help others. Neutral people are committed to others through personal relationships.


Evil implies harming, oppressing, and killing others. Some evil creatures simply have no compassion for others and kill without qualms if doing so is convenient or if it can be set up. Others actively pursue evil, killing for sport or out of duty to some malevolent deity or master.



Character Deity

Selecting the character's deity is assumed to affect the character's blessing from the chosen god, apply certain unique buffs and weaknesses, or gain access to other skills. More information will be added once the information regarding character deity is available.


The Beacon

Idaris was once a bright beacon of hope to Ederhest, an embodiment of their spirituality, faith, and optimism, proof that the pious and honourable among them would be blessed and shown the way to victory, either in battle or over one's psychological failings.


The Hawk

Bingel was once the Goddess of the skies, but was wounded in the Pantheonic War, and Alaloth's ability to control storms and unleash spears of lighting tore great wounds in Bingel. Her powers weakened, the wounded goddess fell to the status of a lesser deity.



The Will of Fighting

"Sei-Eld" is a word from a dialect of elvish spoken nature, meaning "Active in Spirit". It represents a relentless fighting spirit, always seeking to achieve dominance, no matter what the environment throws against it.


The Light of Peace

Vaizmill is the embodiment of the light of reason and forward-thinking. Seeing the pantheon consumed by conflict and war, she sought a way to redefine challenges in conflict, using the mortals as an example.


The Neverending Battle

The All-Father is the first and "father" of all gods. He was born from Chaos, a conflict that has given consciousness and purpose. He was believed to be slain during the Pantheonic War, but many of the faithful attest that he was simply wounded and sleeps until the day he can rise again.

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