Cooked Dishes are a category of Items in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. Cooked Dishes are special items that can be consumed to grant beneficial effects such as increasing your Max Health or improving certain defenses. Their beneficial effects will last for an entire Fighting Area. Cooked Dishes can be obtained by cooking in cities or in Safe Zones before taking on a Fighting Area.  This page covers information on all Cooked Dishes, their effects, how to obtain their recipes, and more.

  • Cooked Dishes are made by acquiring their recipes and using the appropriate Cooking Ingredients.
  • Cooked Dishes can be set up as quick items by equipping them in one of your 4 Pocket slots. In this manner, they can be consumed during combat but note that you can only have the effects of one Cooked Dish active at a time. Any subsequent consumption will override the effects of previously consumed dishes.



All Cooked Dishes in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms

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How to Obtain Recipe

[Sample] Grilled Cheese Uncommon A slice of bread, a slice of cheese, grilled together with delicious results. +75 Max Health 1x Cheese ??
[Sample] Steak Uncommon A cooked slice of beef, served with a tasty side. +240 Max Health 1x Raw Meat
1x Food Dressing
1x Mixed Cooking Herbs
1x Potatoes
[Sample] Fish Steak Uncommon A cooked slice of fish, imitating the steak, served with a side. +10 Physical Damage Reduction 1x Raw Fish
1 x Food Dressing
1x Mixed Cooking Herbs
1x Vegetable Mix


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