Cooking Ingredients are a category of Items in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. Cooking Ingredients are raw food items that can be used to make Cooked Dishes after acquiring their recipes. Many Cooking Ingredients can be consumed on their own in order to heal the player, among other lesser effects, but using them to make Cooked Dishes greatly boosts their value by providing powerful buffs such as increased health, improved defenses, greater chance to deal critical damage and more. These benefits last for an entire Fighting Area and are an important part of preparing for tough battles. This page covers all information on Cooking Ingredients, the recipes they are used in, how to obtain them and more.

  • Cooked Dishes are made by acquiring their recipes and using the appropriate Cooking Ingredients.
  • Cooked Dishes as well as Cooking Ingredients can be set up as quick items by equipping them in one of your 4 Pocket slots. In this manner, they can be consumed during combat but note that you can only have the effects of one item active at a time. Any subsequent consumption will override the effects of previously consumed item.



All Cooking Ingredients in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms

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Cooked Dish Uses

[Sample] Bread Common Have a loaf or slice it, there's no wrong choice. 16/s Heal over Time
10 sec Effect Duration
[Sample] Eggs Common Eggs from many kinds of birds, helps with muscle mass. 16/s Heal over Time
10 sec Effect Duration


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