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Available Skills fire blast way of nature skills alaloth wiki guideFire Blast
thunder bolt way of nature skills alaloth wiki guideThunder Bolt
earthquake way of nature skills alaloth wiki guideEarthquake
winters grasp way of nature skills alaloth wiki guideWinter's Grasp

Elementalist is one of the Professions in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. Professions initially serve as a secondary category for Skills. Each Profession belongs to a category (Ways of Power) and offers 4 Skills. Players can choose to mix and match Skills across any Professions or specialize in a single Profession by learning from a Grand Master. Specialization will provide the player with a very powerful item in exchange for some penalties.


Way of Nature professions provide long ranged magic skills based on the elements of nature and their inner power. The Gods of nature, the creatures of the forest, and the elements will bend to the will of the Champion, letting them use the nature that surrounds them to afflict their enemies with a multitude of conditions and pain.


Elementalist Information in Alaloth

Elementalist is one of the Professions under the Way of Nature Skill category. Elementalist is the primary magic damage profession, completely focused on elemental spells which not only deal high damage but also have a chance to afflict targets with various Status Effects. Elementalist Skills have moderate to high stamina costs and cooldowns, but are well-rounded in terms of effects and damage capability.



Elementalist Skills in Alaloth

Fire Blast

fire blast way of nature skills alaloth wiki guide

A dragon rises from the ground and strikes the target for 100 Magic Damage. It then slams the ground, hitting the area for an additional 100 Magic Damage and a 60% Fire Probability on the enemy.

Thunder Bolt

thunder bolt way of nature skills alaloth wiki guide

Shoots a bolt of magical lightning that inflicts 160 Magic Damage to the enemy it hits.


earthquake way of nature skills alaloth wiki guide

Creates a small earthquake in the area around you, inflicting 230 Magic Damage and applies Knockdown to small and medium-sized enemies.

Winter's Grasp

winters grasp way of nature skills alaloth wiki guide

Creates frozen spikes around you. When cast, enemies around the player will have 30% Ice Probability. Enemies inside the area will have their Movement Speed reduced by 50% and suffer 25 Magic Damage every second. After 25 seconds the spikes break, inflicting 14 Magic Damage to every enemy nearby.


Elementalist Specialization in Alaloth

  • Players can specialize in the Elementalist Profession by speaking to the Elementalist Grand Master
  • Grand Master name and location to be added.
  • Specialization reward to be added.
  • Note that specializing in the Elementalist Profession will replace all of your skills with the 4 Elementalist Skills. This will remove your ability to to unlock Skills from a different Profession, as well as your ability to respec your Skills at Shrines.


Elementalist Profession Notes & Trivia in Alaloth

  • Other notes and info for the Elementalist Profession go here.



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