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Kingdom Kingdom of Edherest

Goldport is a Location and Capital City in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. The Capital Cities are the largest settlements in each Kingdom, housing the seat of power for each of the four Races, as well as all the facilities such as taverns, blacksmiths, vendors and more. Goldport is the capital of the Kingdom of Edherest, home of the Humans.


The mighty capital of Edherest, seat of King Adrith of House Kendrick which ruled the land for over a century. Well defended and rich, this city has everything an adventurer might need for their journey. A center of trade for the human kingdom, standing strong amongst the rising tide of adversity between the houses. A grand monument to human achievement, but in its core, corruption reigns ever since The Tempest.


Goldport Map Location in Alaloth

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Goldport Information in Alaloth

Goldport is the Capital of Edherest and is the starting city for Human players.


Facilities in Goldport in Alaloth

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NPCs & Merchants in Goldport in Alaloth


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Quests in the Goldport in Alaloth

The following Quests are initiated in Goldport:

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Notes & Trivia for the Goldport in Alaloth

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