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Available Skills battle shout way of arms skills alaloth wiki guideBattle Shout
last stand way of arms skills alaloth wiki guideLast Stand
puppet wire way of arms skills alaloth wiki guidePuppet Wire
rage way of arms skills alaloth wiki guideRage

Guardian is one of the Professions in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. Professions initially serve as a secondary category for Skills. Each Profession belongs to a category (Ways of Power) and offers 4 Skills. Players can choose to mix and match Skills across any Professions or specialize in a single Profession by learning from a Grand Master. Specialization will provide the player with a very powerful item in exchange for some penalties.


The Way of Arms professions push a champion's body to the limit, giving them skills to deliver more damage to enemies and help the champion resist the enemy's attack. The champion will use their strength to master lethal fighting techniques that will turn them into a war machine. This Way relies only on physical strength, avoiding the use of magic.


Guardian Profession Information in Alaloth

Guardian is one of the Professions under the Way of Arms Skill category. The Guardian class of Skills are focused on purely defensive & support effects. These Skills can fit into almost any build as each one caters to a different playstyle and situation.


Guardian Skills in Alaloth

Battle Shout

battle shout way of arms skills alaloth wiki guide

Intimidates the enemies around you with a battle cry, decreasing their Critical Probability by 25% and their Bleed Probability and Stun Probability by 50%. The effect lasts 10 seconds.

Last Stand

last stand way of arms skills alaloth wiki guide

Heals you by 100% of your current Max Health and removes the Bleed and Poison conditions. Can be used only 1 time per Fighting Area.

Puppet Wire

puppet wire way of arms skills alaloth wiki guide

Summons a clone and teleports you 5 meters forward. Every enemy that was targeting you will target the clone instead and won't change their target until the clone is dead or expires. The clone has 800 Health and lasts for 20 seconds.


rage way of arms skills alaloth wiki guide

Buff yourself with incredible resistance for 10 seconds, increasing your Stun Resistance by 100%, and your Poison Resistance, Bleeding Resistance, Fire Resistance, Ice Resistance, and Lightning Resistance by 50%.


Guardian Specialization in Alaloth

  • Players can specialize in the Guardian Profession by speaking to the Guardian Grand Master.
  • Grand Master name and location to be added.
  • Specialization reward to be added
  • Note that specializing in the Guardian Profession will replace all of your skills with the 4 Guardian Skills. This will remove your ability to to unlock Skills from a different Profession, as well as your ability to respec your Skills at Shrines.


Guardian Profession Notes & Trivia in Alaloth

  • Other notes and info for the Guardian Profession go here.




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