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Kingdom Expanse of Karak-Hohn

Kunden-Hohn is a Location and Capital City in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. The Capital Cities are the largest settlements in each Kingdom, housing the seat of power for each of the four Races, as well as all the facilities such as taverns, blacksmiths, vendors and more. Kunden-Hohn is the capital of the Expanse of Karak-Hohn, home of the Dwarves.


Deep into the mountain all will find the great halls of the dwarves. Marvelous craftsmanship, with every arch and forge, stands proudly for generations past. Clan Karak, the house of the first dwarven architects, who laid stone and hammer to craft and build, continues the traditions of the precursor race which once roamed these caverns and always seeks their hidden knowledge.


Kunden-Hohn Map Location in Alaloth

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Kunden-Hohn Information in Alaloth

Kunden-Hohn is the Capital of Karak-Hohn and is the starting city for Dwarven players.


Facilities in Kunden-Hohn in Alaloth

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NPCs & Merchants in Kunden-Hohn in Alaloth


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Quests in the Kunden-Hohn in Alaloth

The following Quests are initiated in Kunden-Hohn:

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Notes & Trivia for the Kunden-Hohn in Alaloth

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