Shield of Dawn

lileah portrait companions alaloth wiki guide
Race Human
Alignment good alignment icon alaloth wiki guide Good
Location Tears of Light
Potion Magic Armor Potion
Skill Vaizmil's Grace

Lileah is one of the Companions in Alaloth: Champions of the Four KingdomsCompanions are special NPCs that can be recruited as players come across them and they can be brought along into Fighting Areas to assist the player in combat. These formidable warriors have their own personalities, combat expertise, skills, and each have their own quests with an intriguing backstory that will unfold as players get to know them more.


My name is Lileah, of the shield-bearers, an order of a dwindling number. We are the elite against Vaiz'mil's adversaries. If you think me worthy, I'd join you in your quest.


Lileah Companion Biography in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms

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How to Recruit Lileah in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms

  • Lileah can only be recruited if you are of the good alignment icon alaloth wiki guide Good alignment.
  • Lileah can be found in the Tears of Light in the Kingdom of Edherest during Daytime only. She is standing at the top of the cliffs under the waterfalls.


Lileah Combat Info in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms

Companion Equipment & Skills

Mace & Shield

Magic Armor Potion

vaizmils grace companion skills alaloth wiki guide Vaizmil's Grace
Lileah creates a sacred dome that surrounds herself and lasts for 14 seconds. Outside enemies' projectiles won't enter the dome. Heals every ally inside (herself included) for 60 Health every second.
stamina cost icon stats alaloth wiki guide 42 Stamina Cost | skill cooldown icon stats alaloth wiki guide 20 sec Cooldown

Companion Combat Tips

Lileah is one of the best Companions to bring along especially when you are still learning the ropes. Being the only companion with a Healing ability, she provides an extra layer of survivability with Vaizmil's Grace. This skill not only heals any allies within the dome, it also provides situational protection against projectile attacks by preventing them from penetrating the dome. This includes both physical and magical projectiles. You will need to stick by her as she will typically place the dome wherever she is, but it does have a pretty large radius. Aside from her very powerful skill, Lileah is also very sturdy and can take quite a beating. She can further boost her defenses with her potion.

Lileah is best paired with either Estilress or Isadanae who can fire her arrows safely from within the Vaizmil's Grace dome whilst being protected from ranged enemy retaliation.


Lileah Related Quests in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms

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Lileah Notes & Trivia in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms

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