The Shields of Firail

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Race Elves

Lir'Firail is one of the Legacy Houses in Alaloth: Champions of the Four KingdomsLegacy Houses are tied to each Race, chosen during Character Creation and serve to provide the character with some backstory and lineage. Choice of Legacy House may affect certain aspects of the game such as dialogue options, alliances, and lore impact. 


 The Lir'Firail are the second house split by the circumstances of Firail's parentage. While the Nir'Firail are nomadic, the Lir'Firail are nomadic, the Lir'Firail are determined to protect Larastir itself from further events (judgments, hatred) that split them so long ago. While the Nir' Firail scattered in search of peace, the Lir'Firail sought to remain at home (the Shields of Firail).


Lir'Firail Legacy House Information in Alaloth


Lir'Firail Legacy House Unique Interactions in Alaloth

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Lir'Firail Legacy House Related Quests in Alaloth

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Lir'Firail Legacy House Notes & Trivia in Alaloth

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