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Available Skills affliction way of gods skills alaloth wiki guideAffliction
vampiric touch way of gods skills alaloth wiki guideVampiric Touch
curse way of gods skills alaloth wiki guideCurse
summon undeads way of gods skills alaloth wiki guideSummon Undeads

Necromancer is one of the Professions in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. Professions initially serve as a secondary category for Skills. Each Profession belongs to a category (Ways of Power) and offers 4 Skills. Players can choose to mix and match Skills across any Professions or specialize in a single Profession by learning from a Grand Master. Specialization will provide the player with a very powerful item in exchange for some penalties.


Way of Gods professions provide healing skills and other abilities bound to the gods of Plamen's pantheon. They represent the power of the Gods as channeled through their followers. They draw their strength from their respective deity but do not require that deity's cooperation. Spells of this Way do not necessarily reflect the nature of specific deities.


Necromancer Information in Alaloth

Necromancer is one of the Professions under the Way of Gods Skills category. It is a very self-sufficient class with well-rounded damage abilities and healing. It also has a limited summoning ability which creates more targets for enemies, improving your survivability.


Necromancer Skills in Alaloth


affliction way of gods skills alaloth wiki guide

Creates a field around yourself that lasts for 10 seconds. When an enemy enters the field, they suffer 130 Magic Damage and their Stamina Cost is increased by 130.

Vampiric Touch

vampiric touch way of gods skills alaloth wiki guide

Your attacks gain vampiric properties. For the next 13 seconds whenever you deal damage to an enemy (magical or physical) you're healed for 50% of the damage inflicted.


curse way of gods skills alaloth wiki guide

The enemy struck with the curse suffers 30 Magic Damage every second for 10 seconds. For the duration of the curse, the afflicted resistances are decreased by 10.

Summon Undeads

summon undeads way of gods skills alaloth wiki guide

Summon skeletons from the ground. The number of skeletons summoned is equal to your level. Skeletons will remain for 20 seconds and each of them will have 400 Health.
Can only be used 2 times per fighting area.


Necromancer Specialization in Alaloth

  • Players can specialize in the Necromancer Profession by speaking to the Necromancer Grand Master
  • Grand Master name and location to be added.
  • Specialization reward to be added.
  • Note that specializing in the Necromancer Profession will replace all of your skills with the 4 Necromancer Skills. This will remove your ability to to unlock Skills from a different Profession, as well as your ability to respec your Skills at Shrines.


Necromancer Profession Notes & Trivia in Alaloth

  • Other notes and info for the Necromancer Profession go here.




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