The Republic of Larastir is a Location and one of the Four Kingdoms in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. The world of Plamen is divided into four major Kingdoms, each the homeland of one of the four Races. The Republic of Larastir belongs to the Elves and is located in the northwest of Plamen.


The Elves from the Republic of Larastir have retreated from the world due to recent events. Some say that the Elves want nothing more to do with the other three Kingdoms or that they have grouped up to defend their homelands from the coming war and chosen an isolationist policy. Others say that the elves are making their way west to the great ports of the retreat where they seek to depart the continent for a new homeland. In truth, the situation of the Elves is far worse than people realize, and they believe it was their weakness and lack of faith that caused the pantheon to fall and decepton to take root. Even more disturbing, there are rumors that an ancient gate to the underworld has been stirring ever since the tempest, a slow vibration emanating from it ever since the tempest swept across the land...


Map of the Republic of Larastir in Alaloth

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Sub-Locations in the Republic of Larastir in Alaloth

Cities and Towns

  • Capital: Thilaris
  • Tirothas
  • Edhenen
  • Forlariath
  • Lindorwin
  • Nir-Lathias
  • Val'Rhain

Fighting Areas

  • Moonvale // 1 Skull 
  • Skygate // 2 Skulls
  • Councilkept // 3 Skulls
  • Conclave of Greenheart // 3 Skulls
  • Tyl'Nar // 3 Skulls
  • Solemnwood // 4 Skulls
  • Gates of Mourning // 4 Skulls
  • Ahr'Ilan // Skull with Horn
  • The Toxic Fields // Dragon Boss


  • Jaiha's Shrine
  • Jaiha's Shrine
  • Jaiha's Shrine

Other Points of Interest

  • Dilith-Laral (Stronghold)
  • Bra'Na-Mier
  • Deer's Meadow
  • Fal'Thalas
  • Forest of the Dremadea
  •  Gloworm Caves
  • Jaiha's Sanctuary
  • Knife Ears'Hideout
  • The Cas'Haan
  • The Lost Temple
  • The Sentinels
  • Vanril's Falls
  • Waterfall of Wishing
  • Griffin Platform 
    • Eastern
    • Western
    • Southern
    • Northern


NPCs & Merchants in the Republic of Larastir in Alaloth


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Quests in the Republic of Larastir in Alaloth

The following Quests are initiated in the Republic of Larastir:

  • Imp Tale ( Initiated in Thilaris, during daytime)
  • Shadows Awakening ( Initiated in Thilaris, during nighttime)
  • Late for Dinner (Initiated in Thilaris during daytime)
  • The Elder Tree (Initiated in Lindorwin, during daytime)
  • Slow Jog (Initiated in Lindorwin during daytime)
  • The Astrolabe (Initiated in Lindorwin-The Seagrass, during nighttime)
  • Wrapped in Silk (Initiated in Edhenen, during daytime)
  • Shattered Memories (Initiated in Edhenen, during nighttime)
  • Nature's Keepsake (Initiated in Edhenen-The Soamag, during nighttime)
  • The Warlock of the West (Initiated in Forlariath, during daytime)
  • Dead at Down (Initiated in Forlariath, during daytime)
  • Tricks & Goblins (Initiated in Val'Rhain, during daytime)
  • Imperial Intolerance (Initiated in Val'Rhain, during nighttime)
  • Elven Rhymes (Initiated in Val'Rhain- The Willow, during nighttime)
  • Scroll of Varitan (Initiated in Nir-Lathias, during daytime)
  • In the White Flame (Initiated in Nir-Lathias- The Straggler, during daytime)
  • Pool of Radiance (Initiated in Nir-Lathias, during nighttime)
  • For the Love of Cider (Initiated in Tirothas, during daytime)
  • A Thorny Winter (Initiated in Tirothas, during daytime)
  • The Emergence (Initiated in Bra'Na-Mier, during daytime)
  •  Lamenting Solemnwood (Initiated in The Cas'Haan, during daytime)
  • Of Mice and Kin (Initiated in The Cas'Haan, during nighttime)

Enemies & Bosses in the Republic of Larastir in Alaloth

The following Enemies and Bosses can be found in the Republic of Larastir:


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Notes & Trivia for the Republic of Larastir in Alaloth

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