The Light of Vaizmil

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Location Starting Kingdom
Quest Giver N/A
Rewards TBC

The Light of Vaizmil is a Quest in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. Quests consist of a variety of objectives and tasks tied to game progression that the player can acquire and complete throughout the game. The Light of Vaizmil is the Main Quest in Alaloth and drives the main narrative of the game.


 The time has come to rid Plamen of the corruption that infects it. You have been chosen to fulfill a sacred duty, one that will decide the fate of all races. Alaloth must die for mortal-kind to live, failure is not an option that the Four Kingdoms can afford.


The Light of Vaizmil Quest Information for Alaloth

The Light of Vaizmil is the sole Main Quest in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. It is the only quest required to complete the game and involves uncovering the path to The Valley of Storms, the fifth Kingdom nestled right in the centre of Plamen. The Valley of Storms is the domain of Alaloth himself and accessing it requires the player to harness the power of the four Shards of Vaizmil, fragments of the fallen Goddess Vaizmil's power, scattered across the world upon her death.

Each of the four Main Kingdoms contains a Shard of Vaizmil. These spawn randomly in one of the Fighting Areas found in each Kingdom. Acquiring them is based on luck — you may obtain them very early on or you may need to go through each and every Fighting Area within a Kingdom before you can find a single shard. Fighting Areas can only be claimed by a player once, but they are repeatable any number of times afterwards. However, the shards will only spawn in unclaimed Fighting Areas, hence it is inevitable that you will encounter a shard at one point as you claim your stake in the Four Kingdoms.

Due to the quest structure for The Light of Vaizmil involving luck, it is best to approach this quest as a background goal as you complete other Quests and activities across Plamen. There is plenty of things to do in Plamen and the bulk of content is outside of its Main Quest, as odd and unorthodox as it may seem.

The Light of Vaizmil is obtained automatically after Character Creation and going through the Tutorial section of the game. The quest will be given to you by the leaders of the Four Races in the Capital City of whichever race you chose.


The Light of Vaizmil Quest Objectives for Alaloth

  1. Uncover the way past the Valley of Storms


The Light of Vaizmil Quest Related NPCs for Alaloth


The Light of Vaizmil Quest Walkthrough for Alaloth

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The Light of Vaizmil Quest Notes, Trivia, Tips & Tricks for Alaloth

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