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Kingdom Republic of Larastir

Thilaris is a Location and Capital City in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. The Capital Cities are the largest settlements in each Kingdom, housing the seat of power for each of the four Races, as well as all the facilities such as taverns, blacksmiths, vendors and more. Thilaris is the capital of the Republic of Larastir, home of the Elves.


At the heart of the kingdom within the Goldwood, by the stone scepters, one will find the sprawling capital city of the elves. Holding the republic together with a unified goal and nature on their side. Once ruled by inquisitors now rule by the unity of House Thil'Vineil, they swore to protect their people and that no envoy shall know danger in this republic again. Two halves blended into one, bringing much needed strength to the elves in the face of Alaloth's wrath.


Thilaris Map Location in Alaloth

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Thilaris Information in Alaloth

Thilaris is the Capital of Larastir and is the starting city for Elven players.


Facilities in Thilaris in Alaloth

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NPCs & Merchants in Thilaris in Alaloth


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Quests in the Thilaris in Alaloth

The following Quests are initiated in Thilaris:

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Notes & Trivia for the Thilaris in Alaloth

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