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Wilenkel is one of the Legacy Houses in Alaloth: Champions of the Four KingdomsLegacy Houses are tied to each Race, chosen during Character Creation and serve to provide the character with some backstory and lineage. Choice of Legacy House may affect certain aspects of the game such as dialogue options, alliances, and lore impact. 


 This house takes its name from a small hill outside Westwall and traces its roots as far back as the Third Era. Bryce Wilenkel was named Shield of Westwall and in pursuit of that duty, sought experience in serving in various campaigns so that he might learn tactics and war firsthand. Karhl Wilenkel served the Edherest Army for 30 years, and was knighted by Regent Symund the Great. Karhl's son, Willeon, led the Wilenkel Army and was defeated on the field by the Ballawold troops at the Ypril Hill in 834 TE.


Wilenkel Legacy House Information in Alaloth


Wilenkel Legacy House Unique Interactions in Alaloth

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