NPCs for Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms are characters that are not controlled by the player. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where some NPCs provide information, some provide quests, while others are categorized as Merchants or Blacksmiths whom you can trade with or request for certain services. This page covers a full list of all the NPCs in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms, you can find detailed information on their location and other related information on each individual page linked below.


Alaloth NPCs

General Goods Vendors NPCs

human winterleaf generalgoods khoreagkeerk npc  Khoreag Keerk  Winterleaf
human winterleaf generalgoods jonaskotka npc  Jonas Kotka  Winterleaf
human whitewind generalgoods rolfcseka npc  Rolf Cseka  Whitewind
human westwall generalgoods manfredgerbert npc  Manfred Gerbert  Westwall
human rockstarn generalgoods dafrinkerek npc  Dafrin Kerek  Rockstarn
human rockstarn generalgoods yveslacam npc  Yves Lacam  Rockstarn
human baystone generalgoods tereziakaliska npc  Terezia Kaliska  Baystone
human mayfalls generalgoods terrencehayard npc  Terrence Hayard  Mayfalls
human coldwood generalgoods kerasuled npc  Kera Suled  Coldwood
elf valrhain generalgoods velenvaloren npc  Velen Val'Oren  Val'Rhain
elf tirothas generalgoods adalannirarien npc  Adalan Nir'Arien  Tirothas
elf thegashaan generalgoods alrilmiroral npc  Alril Mir'Oral  The Gas'Haan
elf thilaris generalgoods rydelaldiar npc  Rydel Al'Diar  Thilaris
elf nirlathias generalgoods avalanirestel npc  Avala Nir'Estel  Nir'Lathias
elf falthalas generalgoods goras npc  Goras  FalThalas
elf forlariath generalgoods raiathsyldian npc  Raiath Syl'Dian  Forlariath
elf edhenen generalgoods lyrallayerendor npc  Lyralla Yerendor  Edenhen
elf lindorwin generalgoods silveril npc  Silveril Lindorwin
dwarf naledzir generalgoods moritellefurlud npc  Moritelle Furlud  Naledzir
dwarf khundenhohn generalgoods galknamtharor npc   Galknam Tharor  Khunden Hohn 
dwarf kinilnar generalgoods noleoragorknam npc  Noleora Gorknam  Kin'Il'Nar
dwarf khuamun generalgoods rynrelletharum npc  Rynrelle Tharum  Khuamun
dwarf barrangarr generalgoods jindelledororud npc   Jindelle Dororud  Barran Garr
dwarf bardushel generalgoods aroeragalram npc  Aroera Galram  Bardushel
orc hashak generalgoods burduborguz npc  Burdub Orguz  Hashak
orc vhokenmahl generalgoods norugdrulub npc  Norug Drulub Vhoken'Mahl
orc vhokenmahl generalgoods mazurklogamuz npc  Mazurk Logamuz  Vhoken'Mahl
orc nanardur generalgoods kurdantheswindler npc  Kurdan The Swindler  Na'Nardur
orc nasharak generalgoods kazimir npc  Kazimir  Na'Sharak
orc nakazkadden generalgoods gramagkerenred npc  Gramag Keren Red  Na'Kazkadden
orc nakazkadden generalgoods sylranvilerlin npc  Sylran Vil'Erlin   Na'Kazkadden
orc nakazkadden generalgoods anikabalan npc  Anika Balan   Na'Kazkadden
orc nakazkadden generalgoods udrankhargum npc  Udran Khargum   Na'Kazkadden
orc gholuk generalgoods mugorimreikar npc  Mugorim Reikar  Gholuk
orc gashak generalgoods kurgorimtheelder npc   Kurgorim The Elder  Gashak
orc gashak generalgoods shagramtheseafaring npc  Shagram The Seafaring  Gashak
orc dohalran generalgoods adankikroh npc  Adan Kikroh  Doh Alran
orc ballekmahl generalgoods folenveraviel npc  Folen Veraviel  Ballek'Mahl
orc ballekmahl generalgoods orognaksharog npc  Orognak Sharog   Ballek'Mahl
orc ballekmahl generalgoods bulganklebaek npc  Bulgan Klebaek   Ballek'Mahl

Food Vendors NPCs


 human rockstarn foodshop jarekwillins npc  Jarek Willins  Rockstarn
 human mayfalls foodshop lyianaledoux npc  Lyiana Le Doux  Mayfalls
 human militarycamp potionshop swenredmageapprentice npc  Swen Red Mage Apprentice  Military Camp


 elf valrhain foodshop faylen npc  Faylen  Val'Rhain
 elf tirothas foodshop sharel npc  Sharel  Tirothas
 elf thilaris foodshop jhilsarayandan npc  Jhilsara Yandan   Tirothas
 elf nirlathias foodstore nyana npc  Nyana  Nir'lathias
 elf lindorwin foodshop nylianvirendor npc  Nylian Virendo  Linorwin
 elf forlariath foodshop allisa npc  Allisa  Forlariath
 elf edhenen foodstore alwin npc  Alwin  Edhenen
elf bra'na mier potionshop lyriel npc  Lyriel  Bra'Na'Mier


 dwarf khundenhohn foodstore kessildathestone  Kessilda The Stone  Khunden Hohn
 dwarf mountain hand potionshop bafran npc  Bafran Mountain Hand



 orc nakazkadden foodshop miruklorgul npc  Miruk Lorgul  Na'Kazkadden 
 orc nanardur foodshop gramagzorgul npc   Gramag Zorgul  Na'Nardur
 orc gholuk foodshop rokulmazik npc  Rokul Mazik  Gholuk
 orc gashak foodshop orlunmaruuk npc  Orlun Maruuk    Gholuk
 orc dohalran foodshop revekarolvins npc  Reveka Rolvins  Doh'Alran 
 orc theportcullis potionshop kragathmushalis npc  Kragath Mushalis  The Portcullis

Blacksmiths NPCs

human winterleaf blacksmith jorenkbekkink npc Jorenk Bekkink Winterleaf
human westwall blacksmith jennykalendar npc Jenny Kalendar Westwall
human whitewind blacksmith kasperverhassel npc Kasper Verhassel Whitewind
human militarycamp blacksmith frederick npc Frederick Military Camp
human baystone blacksmith jack locke npc Jack Locke Baystone


elf westgriffinplatform blacksmith damial npc Damial West Griffin Platform
elf northgriffinplatform blacksmith aylun npc Aylun NorthGriffin Platform
elf southgriffinplatform blacksmith vulas npc Vulas South Griffin Platform
elf eastgriffinplatform blacksmith viessakinren npc Viessa Kinren East Griffin Platform
elf valrhain blacksmith elther mirelan npc Elther Mirelan Val'Rhain
elf tirothas blacksmith voludnerehkeh npc Volud Nereh Keh Tirothas
elf thilaris blacksmith yenovarmarial npc Yenovar Ma'Rial Thilaris
elf nirlathias blacksmith irlathilviluran npc Ir Lathil Vil Uran Nir'Lathias


dwarf kinilnar blacksmith  furnamkhargud npc  Furnam Khargud   Kin'Il'Nar
dwarf naledzir blacksmith bulovirmarkur npc  Bulovir Markur   Naledzir
dwarf khundenhohn blacksmith beban npc  Beban  Khunden Hohn 
dwarf khuamun blacksmith thovirvorunor npc  Thovir Vorunor   Khuamun
dwarf barrangarr blacksmith tornumbulkud npc  Tornum Bulkud   Barran Garr
dwarf bardushel blacksmith thovirkhorgar npc  Thovir Khorgar   Bardushel
orc vhokenmahl blacksmith urgkarkorga npc  Urgkar Korga   Vhoken Mahl 
orc nanardur blacksmith rogzorbarash npc  Rogzor Barash   Na'Nardur
orc nakazkadden blacksmith ghorurzdharlug npc  Ghorurz Dharlug  Na'Kazkadden 
orc hashak blacksmith ugzorbagurz npc  Ugzor Bagurz   Hashak
orc hashak blacksmith kurpakthehawk npc  Kurpak The Hawk   Hashak
orc gholuk blacksmith drogbuthgolkul npc  Drogbuth Golkul   Gholuk
orc gashak blacksmith norgzormarkuz npc  Norgzor Markuz   Gashak
orc dohalran blacksmith orgvurloainug npc  Orgvur Loainug   Doh'Alran 
orc ballekmahl blacksmith markulsakbur npc  Markul Sakbur   Ballek Mahl 
orc arrowtooth blacksmith zilish npc  Zilish   Arrowtooth

 Enchanters NPCs

 human goldport enchanter jazekperran npc  Jazek Perran  Goldenport
 elf thilaris enchanter umielquanonil npc  Umiel Quanonil  Thilaris
 dwarf khundenhohn enchantment throlmenvorkmak  Throlmen Vorkmak  Khunden Hohn
 orc nanardur enchantment kanitovoul npc  Kanit Ovoul  Na'Nardur

 Stable Masters  NPCs


human taburh keep stablemaster stablemastertyrn npc  Stable Masters Tyrn  Taburh Keep
human westwall stablemaster peternerwood npc  Peter Nerwood  Westwall
human mayfalls stablemaster durronmikevel npc  Durron Mikevel  Mayfalls
human coldwood stablemaster sarahrodbur npc  Sarah Rodbur  Coldwood


elf valrhain stablemaster bugakthefair npc  Bugak The Fair   Val'Rhain
elf tirothas stablemaster artilmiralin npc  Artil Miralin  Tirothas
elf thegashaan stablemaster dirnilmiroral npc  Dir Nil Mir Oral  The Gas'Haan
elf nirlathias stablemaster bulvirderabat npc  Bulvir Derabat  Nir'Lathias
elf lindorwin stablemaster filriantlinir npc  Filrian Tlinir   Lindorwin
elf forlariath stablemaster hydiel mareisir npc  Hydiel Mareisir  Forlariath 
elf falthalas stablemaster theola npc  Theola  Falthalas


dwarf bloodylake stablemaster thogutinfukeh npc  Thogutin Fu Keh  The Bloody Lake
dwarf bardushel stablemaster varlikdorum npc  Varlik Dorum  Bardushel
orc gashak stablemaster ahzukburtesh npc  Ahzuk Burtesh   Gashak
orc gholuk stablemaster riikuldulga npc  Riikul Dulga   Gholuk 
orc theportcullis stablemaster mastertorulk npc  Master Torulk   The Portcullis
orc nanardur stablemaster surzuldagurk npc  Surzul Dagurk   Na'Nardur
orc hashak stablemaster varshegduvulug npc  Varsheg Duvulug   Hashak 
orc ballekmahl stablemaster vartagfortaghohn npc  Vartag Fortag Hohn  Ballek'Mahl 

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