Companion Skills in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms are active abilities used by Companions in combat. Each Companion has a pre-set Skill they can use in Fighting Areas and each skill has a cooldown and stamina cost. These Skills have a variety of effects such as dealing either physical or magic damage, inflicting crowd control effects, healing, buffing and protecting allies. Companions controlled by the AI will use their Skills automatically as the situation requires, while Companions controlled by players in Local Co-op can use Skills as they see fit. This page lists all Companion Skills, the Companion they are associated with, description, stamina costs and cooldown.



All Companion Skills in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms

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Stamina Cost



haste and awe companion skills alaloth wiki guide Haste and Awe

Estilress 35 6 secs Estilress shoots three arrows in rapid succession, inflicting 200, 100 and 50 Physical Damage, respectively.

holy flame companion skills alaloth wiki guide Holy Flame

Isadanae 40 6 secs Isadanae charges a powerful arrow which inflicts 330 Physical Damage on hit and has a 50% chance of inflicting the Fire condition.

vaizmils grace companion skills alaloth wiki guide Vaizmil's Grace

Lileah 42 20 secs Lileah creates a sacred dome that surrounds herself and lasts for 14 seconds. Outside enemies' projectiles won't enter the dome. Heals every ally inside (herself included) for 60 Health every second.

a champions blow companion skills alaloth wiki guide A Champion's Blow

Na'Ragen 30 4 secs Na'Ragen kicks the enemy and then performs a powerful melee attack, inflicting 120% of his Physical Damage with a 35% chance of inflicting the Weakness condition.

might of the capstone companion skills alaloth wiki guide Might of the Capstone

Khorhan 20 4 secs Khorhan performs an unblockable mighty bash with his shield, inflicting 112% of his Physical Damage with a 20% chance to inflict the Stun condition.

mercy shot companion skills alaloth wiki guide Mercy Shot

Lorian 40 5 secs Lorian shoots three projectiles which search for his target. Each projectile inflicts 155 Magic Damage and has a 32% chance to inflict the Fire condition.

deadly trickery companion skills alaloth wiki guide Deadly Trickery

Esten 30 2 secs Esten performs a powerful unblockable melee attack, inflicting 150% of his Physical Damage.

sariqi tempest companion skills alaloth wiki guide Sariqi Tempest

Iln-Ashah 32 10 secs Iln-Ashan creates 4 tornadoes around him which move outwards, inflicting 87 Magic Damage to S and M enemies, and 10 Magic Damage to L and XL enemies every second when an enemy is inside one of them.

purge of the verquintiss companion skills alaloth wiki guide Pure of the Ver'Quintiss

Caine 30 5 secs Caine performs a powerful attack, inflicting 200% of his Physical Damage.

a marauders flair companion skills alaloth wiki guide A Marauder's Flair

Zian 20 5 secs Zian performs a somersault kick, inflicting 112% of her Physical Damage. This attack has its Critical Probability increased by 20%.

northern vengeance companion skills alaloth wiki guide Northern Vengeance

Odan 35 12 secs An unblockable attack where Odan spins and moves towards the target, hitting him multiple times for 35% of his Physical Damage with every hit.

exiles last stand companion skills alaloth wiki guide Exile's Last Stand

Vaden 30 3 secs Vaden stabs his enemy three times in rapid succession, inflicting 110% of his Physical Damage with every stab.



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