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Available Skills charge way of arms skills alaloth wiki guideCharge
ring of pain way of arms skills alaloth wiki guideRing of Pain
leaping strike way of arms skills alaloth wiki guideLeaping Strike
mighty blow way of arms skills alaloth wiki guideMighty Blow

Warlord is one of the Professions in Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms. Professions initially serve as a secondary category for Skills. Each Profession belongs to a category (Ways of Power) and offers 4 Skills. Players can choose to mix and match Skills across any Professions or specialize in a single Profession by learning from a Grand Master. Specialization will provide the player with a very powerful item in exchange for some penalties.


The Way of Arms professions push a champion's body to the limit, giving them skills to deliver more damage to enemies and help the champion resist the enemy's attack. The champion will use their strength to master lethal fighting techniques that will turn them into a war machine. This Way relies only on physical strength, avoiding the use of magic.


Warlord Profession Information in Alaloth

Warlord is one of the Professions under the Way of Arms Skill category. It is a damage-focused Profession, with primarily Physical Damage skills. Warlord Skills are all melee-based and have moderate crowd control capabilities, with moderate cooldowns and mid-to-high stamina costs. 



Warlord Skills in Alaloth


charge way of arms skills alaloth wiki guide

Rush at incredible speed, inflicting 75 Magic Damage to every enemy in your path. It also applies a 50% Stun Probability on small enemies, 30% on medium enemies and 10% on large enemies.

Ring of Pain

ring of pain way of arms skills alaloth wiki guide

Create a circle around you that lasts for 14 seconds. The circle increases your Physical Damage by 10% and reduces your Stamina Cost by -20%. All enemies inside the circle suffer a -30% reduction to their Bleeding Resistance and Stun Resistance.

Leaping Strike

leaping strike way of arms skills alaloth wiki guide

Strike the ground with incredible force, inflicting great damage to the enemies surrounding you. The direct hit knocks down small and medium sized enemies. the area surrounding the point of the strike inflicts 150 Physical Damage, has a 50% Stun Probability and a 30% chance to Knockdown small and medium enemies.

Mighty Blow

mighty blow way of arms skills alaloth wiki guide

An unblockable powerful strike that inflicts 125% of your weapon's Physical Damage boosted by 200.


Warlord Specialization in Alaloth

  • Players can specialize in the Warlord Profession by speaking to the Warlord Grand Master.
  • Grand Master name and location to be added.
  • Specialization reward to be added.
  • Note that specializing in the Warlord Profession will replace all of your skills with the 4 Warlord Skills. This will remove your ability to to unlock Skills from a different Profession, as well as your ability to respec your Skills at Shrines. This change is permanent so consider all the skills and how they fit into your build before committing to specialization.


Warlord Profession Notes & Trivia in Alaloth

  • Other notes and info for the Warlord Profession go here.




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